Chris Hocquard


Chris is the managing partner and a specialist in entertainment law, with a particular bias towards music and new media. He founded the firm in 1995 after having traveled the world and realising that being smaller was an asset, not a liability. He recognised the internet would remove the tyranny of distance and is almost beside himself now that our third world broadband is slowly being upgraded.

He continues to represent the top echelons of the New Zealand Music industry. He is also a partner in the boutique label Dryden Street along with his friends and clients Ashley Page and Joel Little. He is one of NZ's leading legal experts in digital media and has a practical grasp of the issues involved in this rapidly changing area through his various commercial interests including the digital aggregator DRM NZ. Recently he has even become involved in developing a skin care range, as much for the insight into marketing and product development as for the challenge again of trying to crack it globally.

Tim Riley


Tim specialises in film and TV, general commercial, IP and media law and provides a broad range of clients with serious commercial and practical advice. Before seeing the light and crossing over from the dark side to join Dominion Law, he was a financial services lawyer for 12 years. That background enables him to work closely providing commercial and IP advice to many creative clients both inside and outside the entertainment industries.

One of NZs leading film lawyers, his entertainment practice is focussed largely on the film and TV industries. As well as producers, directors, writers and actors, he also represents most of NZs film and TV industry bodies, including Script to Screen (which he is on the board of), the Directors and Editors Guild of NZ and the Film and Video Technicians Guild.

Tim is a film producer himself, having a feature film producer credit (for the NZ Canada Co-production, Turbo Kid) and a number of associate producer credits.

Tim is on the board of the company that runs the Qantas Screen Awards and is a member of SPADA and WIFT. He is the designated legal provider to the Screen Directors Guild and its members, a function that he also performs for Actors Equity. Tim writes regularly for TAKE and ONFILM magazines.

Joel Tashkoff


Joel (Te Aitanga-a-Hauiti, Ngāti Hine, Ngāti Porou, Ngāpuhi) specialises in the music and modeling industries, and his practice includes a strong focus on contractual issues surrounding rights, publishing, licensing, producer deals, management agreements, agency contracts and recording contracts. He simplifies complex legal matters and provides easy-to-digest, practical guidance to his clients.

As a multi-award-winning music producer and composer, Joel remains an active creative in the industry - when he's not in the office you can find him in the studio. This background gives him a ground-level understanding and appreciation of the issues faced by artists, managers, and producers in today’s ever-changing music landscape. With his distinct skillset, Joel brings a unique yet relatable perspective to all of his clients.

Penny Auckram


Penny is a fully qualified and registered legal executive and is largely responsible for our conveyancing practice.  She is also the first point of contact for our office.  Before joining us, Penny spent over a decade working on the shop floor in fashion retail so she has the patience of a saint.  If in doubt call Penny - she pretty much knows everything that’s going on around here.