At Dominion Law, we do everything you’d expect from a law firm. The difference is, we’re a little particular about who we do it for. That’s because there’s a particular type of person that we believe we understand better than most. We discovered through our history within the entertainment and music industries that we like dealing with creative people. And they seem to like dealing with us. Probably because, long ago, we realised that creative people need a different approach to the one they’d get from a more conservative law firm. Besides, we just enjoy working with people who are used to thinking a little differently. People who don’t always conform to accepted models. People with crazy ideas. The kind that might just take the world by storm. So that’s who we want as our clients. Creative people. Creative businesses. Musicians and entertainers of course. Filmmakers and artists. Entrepreneurs and mavericks. People with ideas, with vision. People that make things happen. It might be as complex and corporate as developing a film or starting a business. It might be as simple or small or personal as selling a house or changing a will. Whatever it is, creative people need creative lawyers.